Episode #37: My Dad Died: Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Nic and Paul discuss the questions and process around grief and the dying process. They both lost their Dad’s and discuss tips and suggestions for moving forward in such difficult times. They also give helpful resources to assist you with the process. You do not want to miss this one! CLICK TO LISTEN

Episode #36 Confessions of a Former CIA Agent Michele Rigby Assad: Breaking Cover, Crisis and Core Heart Issues

Paul and Nic interview a friend and former CIA Agent about her new book “Breaking Cover”. Michele explains what the real fight is all about our World and the “secret weapon” they kept her safe in threatening and dire situations!
Michele spent over a decade in the agency―as a woman leading some of the most highly skilled operatives on the planet, secretly serving in some of the most treacherous areas of the Middle East.
In this interview we talk about how Michele faced her ultimate mission, one with others’ lives on the line―and it turned out to have been the plan for her all along. Her story: one of life-or-death stakes; of defeating incredible odds; and most of all, of discovering a faith greater than all her fears. We also talk about our current immigration issues in America and the best solutions!
You will NOT want to miss this one! CLICK TO LISTEN

Episode #35: Bourbon, Baker Acts, & Being a Real Friend with Marc Von Wellshiem

Paul and Nic interview Alfred (remarcable) von Wellshiem about his journey into divorce, addictions and ‘gift of desperation’… He discusses what it is like to have someone walk alongside of you in the darkest hours of your life and still find you valuable.

He tells his story of how he rediscovered relationships and broke shame off his life and so much more! CLICK TO LISTEN

Episode #33 Technology, Kids and EMP’s

Nic and Paul discuss technology and how it is affecting our children’s hearts and minds. They also discuss boundaries and putting value on yourself. What is the “texting ediquette?” How to teach your kids to ‘wait’ in this instant gratification culture.

They talk again about digital currency and living off the grid and so much more….CLICK TO LISTEN

Episode #30: Sex, Assumptions and Differences

Nic and Paul discuss the differences between men and women when it comes to intimacy in relationships. They discuss what happens when we assume things about each other. Nic explains the differences between men and women and how it can be difficult talking to one another about deeper intimate issues in your relationship.

Episode #29: The DTR Blog on Relationships, Mental Health, Humor & Christianity

Nic talks with Kristina and Sammy, the DTR blog girls (Define the Relationship) about some controversial topics. These are two ladies that have questioned many things and discuss things about relationships, using humor to disarm and talk about hard issues, and what “pushes the envelope” when it comes to the Christian Community.

You will hear their stories and some tough issues when it comes to faith and mental illness…and so much more.

Episode #28: Big words, “Overselfing”, and Building a wall

Nic and Her hubby Gavin talk about when to use big words versus more simplier words in your business. Find out what great communicators use when talking to their audience. They also discuss self obsession and selfies, when is it too much? They also talk politics, immigration, rights, walls…and so much more!

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